MuT Prize 2017 awarded to Frischmann Kunsttoffe GmbH.

The award fulfills us with pride and honors the work of our employees who have made a significant contribution to this success with their work.



Audit Week 2017

In the period from 19.6.2017 to 23.06.2017 the Frischmann Kunststoffe GmbH following certificates successfully defended:
- DIN ISO 9001:2015
- BRC Packaging Ver. 5
- DIN ISO 50001:2011 und 14001:2009

(the certificate are available in the download area)



Certificate BRC



Frischmann Kunststoffe GmbH stands by its founding principles as a company and is involved in the sponsorship of both sporting and social initiatives.


Central German Children’s Hospice

″Don’t give the life more days but the days more life″ - this is the motto of the children’s hospice initiative of the association "Stiftung Kinderhospiz Mitteldeutschland Nordhausen e.V." Across the country around 22,000 children are suffering from an incurable illness, which they will die of. More than a third of them live in the region of Central Germany. For these children a new stationary children’s hospice will be created in Tambach-Dietharz. This will be financed exclusively from donations.



Rotary is a worldwide organisation with members from all professions who have come together to provide humanitarian aid, to protect and promote ethical behaviour in the workplace, and to work towards world peace and international understanding. .......


Small and medium-sized business academy


The aim of the small and medium-sized business academy "Made in Germany" is to improve the level of training of young people.

Press: from Freies Wort on 07.02.08

Main working content and conceptions of the academy:

1. The academy is made up of business persons from small and medium-sized companies who, through their character and organisations, provide a role model. It is a top address for communication and for this purpose builds up its own networks.

2. The academy is conceived as an institution for everyone who wants to access ″help and advice″ on the subject of education I training.

3. With designated activities for teachers, trainers, pupils, trainees and parents we directly support the improvement of the level of training and ″core values″ of young people as well as communicationn between pupils – schools – parents, business people, society and politics.

4. We help schools and training institutions in developing ″guiding principles for the school″ as well as the practical implementation of these.

5. Under the aegis of the minister for education and cultural affairs the academy runs an ″ethics competition″ and sponsors a prize.

6. The academy works towards the improvement of the image of business people in public and and also promotes adequate media coverage and reporting.

7. We finance oursleves through our own funds. This maintains and promotes our integrity.

8. ″It is a free initiative....which is not tied to any ideology, party, organisation or association.″

from: "Statute of the academy"


Winter sport centre Oberhof

As a regional sponsor Frischmann Kunststoffe GmbH has been supporting the Oberhof winter sport sponsorship association for years. Alongside its work in promoting youth sport in the disciplines of biathlon, ski jumping, luge and Nordic combined, elite level sport is also promoted here.


Press: Wochenspiegel from 12.02.04

Rot Weiss Erfurt

The regional football club FC Rot-Weiß Erfurt e.V is also sponsored as a business partner.


Rennsteig run

For years Frischmann Kunststoffe GmbH has been supporting the Rennsteig run as a sponsor.